Beijing time on February 21st evening news, according to foreign media reported today, domain name auction again next month, a starting price of $1 million.

the domain name ownership has undergone several changes over the past ten years and legal proceedings. In 2006, the domain was allegedly sold for $14 million to a company called ESCOM. It now appears that ESCOM has encountered financial difficulties, because the auction notice said, the auction is due to the borrower’s ESCOM failed to guarantee the debt of DOM Partners caused by the foreclosure auction". Auction notice also said: "the bidders to participate in the auction must carry a $1 million bank checks to attend the auction."

but the industry pointed out that the domain name may seem very valuable, but in fact the operation is very bad. Now site is a PG-13 landing page, including a number of links, the classification of advertising is still part of the building. In the Google search input "SEX", domain name and even did not appear on the first page of the search results.

According to one of’s investors, "the domain name involves too many stakeholders, thus hindering the effective operation of the site

. was dragged down by incompetence and infighting, perhaps the first liquidation is the best choice."