Beijing, May 22, recently, Baidu joint Chongqing police cracked a large DNS traffic hijacking case, two suspects were Chongqing Telecom official staff, they use a post, through technical means of illegal hijacking traffic for their own interests damage the interests of users, less than half the time the amount is up to more than 150 million yuan, resulting in an extremely bad influence to the society. It is reported that the people involved have been approved the arrest, the case has successfully passed the procuratorate for examination, will soon be officially transferred to the court for prosecution. As the final court guilty verdict, will mean that the world for the first time from the judicial level to confirm the "traffic hijacking" evil crime is in violation of the law, shall be investigated for criminal responsibility.

it is understood that the suspect Tang, Shimou are Chongqing Telecom employees, Shimou is responsible for the management and operation of the Chongqing Telecom DNS domain name system. In May last year, Tang learned to be responsible for the promotion of Internet Co’s website Zhao, the two sides agreed to increase the site by the Tang to help users visit the site traffic, and how much to pay the amount of remuneration. After the Tang Shi hijacked by DNS invited the Chongqing telecom users visit the web site requests to hijack the server’s IP address specified by the user, and the normal access request after the additional promotion way, so many Internet companies mistakenly thought that the user access system to promote the business guidance, to pay promotion reward to the corresponding promotion. So far two people have been arrested, Shimou, Tang total profit of more than 150 yuan.

DNS hijacking also known as domain name hijacking, criminals through special technical means to intercept the user’s original access requirements, will return to a specific web page to the user, or destroy the original normal service in order to achieve the purpose of profit. In China, DNS hijacking strong pop-up ads, the most common form, and this case involved with the telecommunications room bottom advantage, directly with other Internet companies signed a deal flow seeking illegitimate interests, in society and in the industry have caused a bad influence.

in recent years, with the prosperity of the Internet industry, the major site of traffic hijacking cases occurred frequently, anti hijacking traffic situation is not optimistic, and some internal frequency loophole, as the self-interest of the user and damage the interests of the company, or even violate the law.

as the domestic Internet companies, Baidu has been in the anti traffic hijacking problem and take resolute attitude, legal and technical means of this kind of multidimensional illegal criminal acts, to protect the Internet Ecological Security of the healthy and orderly development. The investigation of the case, Baidu to assist the police in Chongqing, including sending operations, technology related personnel to provide answers flow transactions and detailed technical problems to the police, to assist the police to determine the direction of the investigation, fixed evidence etc.. Currently, the two telecommunications employees involved have been approved the arrest, the case will also be prosecuted to the court by the prosecutor.

reporter learned that, if the case of traffic hijacking constitutes a crime, the idea was eventually recognized by the court, the case of Chongqing traffic hijacking or will become the world’s first attack by criminal means