announced at 23 am, after the exit Chinese search business, has been speculation that the biggest beneficiary of Baidu, its chairman and CEO Robin Li, a lot of whether or not to enter the Hongkong speech attracted outside Baidu’s dominance fall into a reverie, the territory is also initially apparent, but Baidu declined to comment.

Robin Li appeared post bar

on the 23 day at 8:30 in the morning, Robin Li was extremely rare in the Baidu post Post Bar asked, "Baidu should enter Hongkong?", the countless netizens. Whether this is a joke or Robin Li, or really Baidu’s strategy, in the absence of Google’s day, Baidu undoubtedly has the potential to become the continent’s Internet search overlord.

According to research firm

data show that last year, Baidu and Google in the Chinese mainland search engine market share reached 96.3%, basically monopolized the Chinese search engine market, which accounted for 63.1% of Baidu, Google Chinese accounted for 33.2%, while the withdrawal of the Google China, including Baidu, soso, Bing and other search engines will carve up the market share.

this is Robin Li following the January Baidu encounter hackers, the second appeared Baidu post bar, then called the "unprecedented in the past!"


or planning Hongkong territory

in Google search server, China will move to Hongkong, and will not reduce the amount of Internet users access to Google, Robin Li was asked whether or not to enter the Hongkong, will undoubtedly make people doubt whether Baidu should be in the following Japan construction site, plan the Hongkong site, expand their version of the map.

at present, Baidu’s expansion momentum, and Japan earlier announced the formation of a joint venture shopping site online shopping site, after the introduction of genuine video website "own Qiyi net", coupled with the huge share in the search market, Baidu established new media empire is not able to. At present, many Internet Co have begun a horizontal and vertical development, before the Alibaba group announced the big Taobao program, in addition to its original B2B and B2C business, but also actively expand the media industry.

in a recent Baidu earnings conference call, Baidu executives admitted that if Google’s exit will have a positive impact on Baidu’s business.

due to the current Chinese users need to search through the Hongkong server access to Google, heavy traffic and technical complexity or will cause the server overwhelmed, Google search slow access speed, will affect not only Chinese Chinese Internet access, and Hongkong local residents access speed. If Baidu intends to enter the Hongkong market at this time, but also from the hands of a large number of users in Hongkong.

but Baidu to enter the Hongkong market, is still facing many problems, first of all, the language problem, Baidu’s English search certainly can not be comparable with Google English search, its technology has a certain distance. In addition, the more important point is that Google itself in the Hongkong market is not outstanding, many of the more inclined to Hongkong users >