bull blood, exacerbated by the pressure of the P2P platform payment. Net loan home data forecast, 2014 P2P net loan industry loan balance will reach 100 billion mark]

crazy year at the end of the year to face the cooling off period". The advent of P2P industry is facing redemption pressure. In addition to the economic cycle down, bank credit tightening and other factors, in 2014 the P2P industry ushered in an unexpected competitors: the stock market.

December 19, 2014, the Shanghai stock index plate force together, the stock index to break 3100 point mark, hit a 49 month high. Bull blood, exacerbated by the pressure of payment platform P2P. Net loan home data forecast, 2014 P2P net loan industry loan balance will reach 100 billion mark.

is to attract funds, through the "year" steady platform "hundred strokes together". But many industry insiders said, in order to improve the platform interest rate as the representative of the day, the stopwatch has been unable to short-term relief pressure platform.

payment problem

verification P2P industry showed rapid development model has multiple indicators, one of the loan balance. Net loan home chief operating officer Shi Pengfeng said that the loan balance is the platform to receive the amount, is the sum of the total amount of the borrower has yet to repay the platform as of now.

along with the rapid development of the P2P platform is the platform to receive the amount of multiple growth". Net loan home data show that the balance of loans in 2013 P2P start-up industry was 26 billion 800 million yuan, after a period of rapid growth, in the end of November 2014, P2P net loan industry loans up to 89 billion 641 million yuan, 3.34 times at the end of 2013. Net loan home forecast, as of the end of 2014, the balance of the industry will reach 100 billion loan balance.

behind the one hundred billion mark means that the platform will face unprecedented payment pressure. Shi Pengfeng said, there are three common reasons causing industry cashing pressure: first, by the end of the platform is overdue or bad rise; second, no standard operating platform, the presence of maturity mismatch risk action; third, located in the self financing platform.

in honor of the pressure behind the platform is still thunder constantly, and there is a growing trend. Net loan home data show that in November 2014 the problem platform reached 39, and this data is easy to break in December, as of December 18, 2014, in December the industry has reached a platform for the problem of the family. According to incomplete statistics, the 47 platform to collect loans over 1 billion yuan.

which, in November, the 39 problem platform has a platform because of the difficulty of being exposed, and as of December 16th, due to the cash is difficult to solve the problem has been classified as the number of platforms has reached 27, the number of the world’s largest in the world, the number of problems in the. An industry source said that the majority of these platforms by limiting the amount of withdrawals or continued investment to deal with the immediate crisis.

economic downturn has been going on for some time by the end of