(Baidu home side Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Le Tian) according to sources from the Tencent said Baidu technology, local life products have been in October 26th at the Baidu employee quietly launched online. The final product named "Baidu." (shenbian.baidu.com). According to Baidu’s product release principle, shortly after the start of beta, the product should be officially launched.

it is understood that the "Baidu side" is a local delicacy, life information to shopping, entertainment, hotels, fitness based search and sharing platform, committed by users contribute more and better ways of collection of local business information, to provide support for the user’s consumption decision. Currently only on the line of a city in Beijing, but is expected to quickly expand to other tier cities.

Different with the existing

most review sites is "Baidu." with the help of Baidu search technology and search engine more closely, and the integration of Baidu’s maps, wireless and other resources. This means that since the beginning of birth, Baidu side directly positioned in the field of LBS life".

out of the page from the beta, Baidu home around the biggest bright spot is two search box switch, the user can choose the business information search, or geographic information search. The two search box represents the current life of the two kinds of information search mode, the former is to look for a service, look at the location; the latter is the first to lock the area, then screening services.

Baidu rely on the advantages of web search technology and its own engine map products, so as to provide two search modes. The idea that this is an important strategy for the impact of Baidu’s existing comment class services.

another noteworthy detail is that Baidu side of the interest is not limited to catering". See from the main navigation information, covering areas including shopping, leisure and entertainment, beauty, fitness, tourism, hotel, etc.. In addition, according to insiders, Baidu side of the mobile client development has been formed, is expected to formally launch the product along with the launch.

analysts believe that the "Baidu side" as Baidu’s life review platform, may be the main features: deep integration with Baidu’s existing resources, including Baidu advantage in brand, flow, and based on the technology of mining and processing of LBS data;

it is reported that, in recent years, with the rise of mobile Internet, LBS (Location Based Service) has become the most popular concept of the global Internet, according to the geographical location, derived from check-in, search, games, information push services, and quickly became a Xiang Xinxing industry.

to the present, in addition to LBS star Foursquare, Google, Facebook and other Internet giants are targeting this field >