there is a saying that the Yangtze River is very good, bring forth the new through the old, the waves die on the beach. Mobile Internet is now more and more fire, and even Microsoft’s resignation announced Ballmer also related. But before the fire in the mobile Internet, but some of the most go into the mobile Internet game player in advance. 2010 CHINA into the 3G era, but before this is the most difficult in the entire mobile Internet era in 2009, most sites are dead in this period. Now see the limelight is flourishing mobile Internet, I do not know those who do the feelings of the webmaster.

today and we all miss those gradually forgotten mobile Internet sites, some people are still alive just forgotten, some really can not come back.

million butterfly network

million butterfly network was founded by Xiang Fangwei in 2004, it should be said that the establishment of the first mobile Internet site. I don’t know mobile phone in 2004, million butterfly net in 2009, when the million butterfly net is in the transition period, but no matter how the transition eventually escape the fate of being desolated. 09 years butterfly network operation has not been profitable for several years, so that the announcement closed. The background for trying membership fees, not only due to premature death. Today, the butterfly network can still open, but it has not had the popularity. Although the butterfly is an early entry into the mobile Internet, the most difficult period of 09 years, but also came over, but then did not keep up with the rhythm of the development of mobile Internet, which is inevitable decline. Xiang Fangwei, how many people are there in this circle now,



is now the mobile Internet search engine, can be thought of only Baidu, Google, soso, Sogou, search, mobile. Mobile search engines have far more than this number, Goku search is one of them, but there are not many people remember again. The search was founded in 2006, hang up the time in 2010, this is the time I think a better search engine, then Baidu mobile search is a complete slag. The search either in searching or included, are far more than other search engines to get better results, but it also failed in the 09-10 year period of the most difficult years survive. Now search once the domain name has access to monkey jump to Goku network, 2010 ecological mobile Internet has been formed in the search out after began as mobile e-commerce services closer, but views too far ahead, the dead are miserable.

The American


network was created after Huang Zhimin left the American 3721 vice president positions, the creation time and 000 butterfly net almost, although now popular million butterflies have to die, but the American network was in 2010 has already failed, since then they have been unable to access the website domain name, until now is so. At that time there is a net American self-help service, because of interest at the time of the station is found him, in 2010 American network construction site, the highest one day IP>