central broadcasting network Beijing November 11th news (reporter Ding Fei), according to voice of China News reported that now double eleven has become a way of life. Even if you never buy online, it is "intrusive" in every aspect of your life. On this day, numerous online and offline businesses choose to join the double eleven shopping feast. So if you don’t buy something today, you seem to be losing money.

last year, there are 57 billion 100 million yuan through the fingertips of consumers into Tmall, businesses with nearly 300 million parcels to feed hungry consumers. Again, it was sold all day 57 billion. And in this past night this year, stay up to 12 or even hundreds of millions of users but you stayed up all night with the fingers point out that one record.

according to the latest news about the figures, today at 1:14 in the morning, Tmall trading turnover has exceeded 30 billion, covering more than and 200 countries and regions, and last year the figure was reached when the nearly noon.

in addition, up to now, eleven Alipay double peak of the number of transactions processed per second is 85 thousand and 900, the number of online peak reached 45 million. At 0:14 this morning, the first double eleven has been served, it is a buyer in Beijing, Chaoyang District, received a TV purchase on Tmall. 0:40, rookie network logistics orders have exceeded one hundred million. Wireless transactions accounted for the proportion of the peak has exceeded 90%. Not until 2 in the morning, many brand sales have more than 60% or even on voice.

from the regional point of view, the amount of the purchase of the top three are Guangdong, Zhejiang and Jiangsu, which is in the first quarter of 2015 and the National Express service companies in the first three quarters of the business volume is consistent. The United States has become the country with the largest overseas purchases.

in addition, this year is also the first time to participate in rural Taobao double eleven, the first single commodity has been sent to the village at 1:48 in the morning. As at 1 in the morning, the country has a total of 6712 village transactions.

Su Ning data, this morning, 1 hours, Suning full net sales volume grew 389%, an increase of 1371% mobile client.

[midnight countdown, double eleven carnival night]

midnight 12 o’clock, Beijing water cube, Tmall dual site eleven. The 500 big screen in front of reporters on the Middle Earth, a yellow spot one lit a fire from some marine, some scattered tiny spots, which is the real-time trading data of global national users finger activation. The top of the earth is the rapid turnover of transactions, the proportion of wireless transactions has remained above 70%.

[1 minutes and 12 seconds, break through 1 billion]

1 billion arrives soon. And only after 33 seconds, cross-border trade turnover will break through the 2014 double eleven day figures, and then high. On the big screen, big data paid off >