today, just cleared over the computer cookies, so before many remember login site re login. My nature is too lazy, so the trouble every time to re input the user name or password sites, such as Baidu space, 163 mailbox is the case, but no way ah, cannot do without have to use every day, so I personally love Google, Yahoo, Qihoo, geek found that you can remember the user login anyway, the computer is my website, a person does not appear, privacy and security issues.

so without further ado, on their websites (mainly Baidu space, 163 mailboxes, Qihoo, YAHOO mail, TOM mail) time, found an interesting phenomenon, which is strikingly similar to the login screen. Although the previously scattered feel, but there is no system will compare them, today just idle, they will crawl down their login interface, for your reference analysis:

Baidu space:

login interface

Qihoo login interface:

163 mailbox login interface:

TOM mailbox login interface:

from the above 5 big portal service user login interface screenshots, you can see that they are actually the same interface (especially the Baidu space and Qihoo login interface is simply like), and from the user (mainly my personal) feedback, the interface is friendly to users, are also made good user experience. The author (ccnuzxy) is not good, so according to the above 5 pictures only hastily painted their a common design diagram, cannot also hope you forgive me.