November 22, 2014, following the impact of the closure of everyone, the same day the famous film and television subtitles website announced the closure of sagittarius. The news came out, triggering a great hot industry. Everyone film infringement is obvious, and has begun to commercialize the journey, was shut down most of the users said to understand and support, but most users can not understand is:

network is a striker in the film subtitle Chinese theme based information exchange platform, is not for profit, also did not have any relationship with the non-profit organization, for some voluntary translation storage and exchange platform, but closed. So, is it not a mistake to be shut down,


today so I skip all TV table, today and several reasons to talk off the striker network analysis.

copyright law has made relevant provisions for the translation of other people’s works

People’s Republic of China "copyright law" thirty-fifth stipulates: adaptation, translation, annotation, publishing and collation, compilation of the work, it should be made adaptation translation annotation or arrangement, compilation of works and the copyright owner of the copyright in the original work license and pay remuneration.

this law is used in the shooter online controversy is whether the shooter is a publishing act by publishing the subtitles, if it belongs to, it must be illegal. Baidu encyclopedia information "publication" means that a large amount of content can be reproduced by the media to achieve information dissemination of a social activity. So to discuss, in the absence of archer net users of film copyright agreement, who translated the works of others, to a certain extent the shooter network provides communication as a hotbed of such violations, should bear legal responsibility, but no striker through this illegal behavior have any profit, so this time is just the shooter net is closed, and no relevant personnel arrested.

shooter network helped increase piracy infringement occurred

generally speaking, the law is the means, but the legal punishment is not to solve the problem has occurred. The closure of the network in the author’s opinion, the main reason in addition to alleged infringement, as well as to help increase the prevalence of pirated film, the factors.

a simple example, the author through some channels (of course, this channel is certainly not legitimate) to download a book should charge Hollywood blockbusters, but because do not understand English can’t watch this movie, in the course of time I will no longer download the foreign language film. But later, subscene appeared by Archer net, I can for my pirated video on Chinese collocation subtitles, I look awfully, then I often download pirated Hollywood movies, and then through the network, subtitles shooter.

The emergence of

and other subtitles website for the domestic film fans often watch pirated movies to provide a convenient, no doubt from one side to help up the occurrence of piracy infringement. This situation in the year of copyright protection awareness gradually improve, today