March 18th March 17th, the Wall Street journal published some Chinese version of Google agents jointly to Dr. Google vice president Liu Yun is in charge of sales in Greater China sent an email.

mail pointed out that once Google exit China, their business will be in danger, they want to know how Google will give them compensation. (end)

attached to the full text of the mail sent to Dr. Liu Yun (not every signature of the company are involved in the drafting of this letter, each company and Google signed a specific cooperation agreement is not the same content):

dear Dr. Liu Yun:

since January 13th this year, Google chief legal officer in the Google official blog announced that Google is likely to withdraw from China, the parties continued rumors. Since more than two months, even during the Chinese traditional festival – the Spring Festival, every day we are very upset and anxious. We look at the endless variety of relevant news, but can not predict the future; look at the volume of business plummeted, but powerless; look at the staff to leave one by one, but can not persuade stay. The answer we get from Google, and all we can do, is two words – wait, wait in a state of great pain and discomfort.

till today, we can’t wait any longer, we can’t wait any longer!

In the face of

because we work closely with our tens of thousands of customers, we need solutions to their worst results; and we face our daytime, fighting for years colleagues and partners, resettlement and compensation scheme we need to give them the worst results; we face to us, but always no investment returns investors in return, we need to give them the worst results and compensation scheme.

We understand that

Google has its own values, but we cannot understand why, until today, Google does not have any communication and negotiation and solutions about the future between us, especially when this involves tens of thousands of our customers, employees and investors’ interests. At this moment, if Google tells us that this is the business behavior, our customers, employees, investors should bear their own business risk, and our customers, employees, investors, all people will never accept


Google asked us to immediately communicate with our representatives, and give the future Chinese case quit solutions to our customers, employees, investors must solve all problems, including the following.

1, we have tens of thousands of users in China, they are using pre deposit way to get Google advertising services. If Google will close and withdraw from China, then all of these customers have been deposited in the Google account of the amount of money, Google company will be in a long time, on their own or through the agent returned to the customer