The second session of the Anhui general assembly and the Hefei Internet industry forum has come to an end, this conference has been a complete success of the


three station head gathered, published on the Internet and personal analysis of the prospect of success and failure experience sharing and discussion.

the conference can make three station head together to explore the Internet, and the number of participants to reach the size of more than 500 people and the organizer of Anhui Yanhuang network technology limited efforts are inseparable.

the General Assembly honored guests to discuss the development of the Internet and a detailed analysis of the participants on the development of the internet. Let a lot of participants on the Internet produced a new understanding and improve their awareness of the network and business trends. Webmaster network for this meeting is also very important, special finishing some of the venue photos and information sharing with the webmaster.


organizer Anhui Yanhuang Network Technology Co. Ltd. the main organizations – the old K


at the bustling scene, 500 people were All seats are occupied.


participants will be free to discuss the development prospects of the Internet


three station head for the general assembly to get the lucky winners list


I was fortunate to be pumped as the first prize of the general assembly


conference guests.