at midnight on January 25th when the gala total planning "leading" issued to netizens notice, and finally in 25 at 3 pm, "Hainan’s first network Spring Festival Gala" officially launched 4 days of intensive release, a network party record has been born.

        when in Shandong the "Savoy" Hainan online news dissemination center invited the director to play the network party, is January 21st, from 2009 on the thirty and 4 days. At this point, it is necessary to quickly organize the program source, production and processing of many works. In addition, it is necessary to use at least 1 days to complete the Tianya community, Hainan, a network of Spring Festival Gala page production and program design, and the real only to the Hainan network Spring Festival Gala has been left on the line for only 3 days.

        touching touching details. The general director of the network Spring Festival Gala, Savoy, this man is also quite authentic". The new year, their busy day and night sleepless nights, not worth mentioning, also took the winding brook, Li Taibo, summer breeze dozen buddies followed he was tired. From the integration of resources, production and work to beautify the page, to establish and perfect the party plate design program, establish database, copy writing, audio recording, video and upload works, realize the link and proofreading audit, really complicated. This gala team collective stayed up 2 nights, finally to the "Hainan spring" by an eggplant skin color. Look at the friends, all black and white leather eggplant.

        according to Savoy, director of the general introduction, responsible for the development of technical procedures and page designers involved in the river bend the most tired of users. This guy will be writing, composing, can music, rap, good production, good programming. Coupled with a fatal weakness – kindness, the result is self-evident.

        Savoy said: "in fact, the whole evening was okay. After all, the time is fully prepared to 4 days. So, as people would like the place, some flaws and inadequacies, is always. I hope you kindly pointed out that message of mercy".

        Savoy call: "is seeingbelieving, a Hainan Gala full video. We don’t talk, go to see".

        it is understood that the end of the world community in Hainan, the first network Spring Festival is the first time in the history of the network evening party in Hainan. Produced by Hainan online news communication center, by starting the Tianya unique "station system principle", closely rely on the power users group, they become the main force featuring the production team, in co-operation of all parties, quickly launched cloth made in a very short period of time, caused by "