today to see the news, said Pinterest has just raised $225 million, the latest valuation of more than $3 billion. Overseas expansion, business exploration is underway.

with the Pinterest hot, "China’s Pinterest" has also been invented. But China’s Pinterest has not fared much better recently. As for the reasons, the following would like to discuss in detail.

Pinterest to now there is no commercialization, China’s Pinterest on the day of the commercialization of the line. I think commercialization and non commercialization is not wrong, it is not to say that, said the commercialization of beauty, leading to their plight today.

from the model,, said that the beauty of social shopping guide electricity supplier, Pinterest called pictures social sharing site. These two are not the same. said "Chinese Pinterest" that is our own, when people just do Pinterest is the founder of interest: Set Ring found a lot of love money for his girlfriend, to do this website, in order to put on a page. At that time, should not have thought of what the shopping guide……

Thinking and Realization of


mentioned in the previous paragraph, Pinterest is a social image sharing site, the key is to "read" and "social". Reading this, everyone can open the sub sections, such as "Art", "DIY& Crafts". After opening the sub column, showing all the relevant pictures, if you like, you can "Pin it", this picture will be added to your collection.

operations, it can be said that Pinterest is very strong word of mouth. And China’s "Pinterest"? Not only to go to the search engine to buy traffic, but also in the elevator on the TV screen advertising. The former user basically rely on endogenous, the latter rely on money to buy".

products, from the point of view of a small white user, Pinterest gave me the feeling is: simple, texture. Seemingly disorderly picture, but let everyone find their own interests and find what they want. China’s Pintetest, can not say that there is no algorithm and recommendation engine, but the platform is too strong intervention, the so-called Daren comments, but advertising.

China’s "Pinterest", from the day of birth, destined and Taobao tied together. At the beginning, the shopping guide website and fans to share and comment on the real, to today, whether it is "fashion Master" or "editorial recommendation, almost not" commercial "traces. A lot of evaluation, not the real feelings of the user, but advertising".