steal QQ account, then the fake account owner to QQ friends to borrow money, even to provide video identify"…… Recently, the "QQ hacking fraud" as a new type of network crime has aroused concern, QQ fraud why users why frequently emerge in an endless stream? When? Recently, Jingan District procuratorate prosecution of QQ hacking fraud, opened behind the black chain.

QQ chat encounter friends to borrow money

25 year old Liu is a company’s white-collar workers in Jingan District, at 4:45 on March 11th this year, when he worked overtime in the company, a friend Zhang QQ number out. Zhang is a partner in the company, two personal relationship is good. Zhang Falai video, video shows him in front of the camera shake. "The recent hand convenient? Today I borrow money, my relatives urgently." For a friend’s trust, together with two people on weekdays also have the money exchange, Mr. Liu put down, by bank transfer the ten thousand yuan into a designated account.

then, Zhang will end chat. 5 in the afternoon, Zhang also launched a dialogue, still send a piece of their own image, how much money in your account, my relatives have gaps, and then help me remit $10 thousand". Liu saw the video, Zhang still believes in their own chat, then re import 10 thousand yuan to the designated account. Then, Zhang again right away. About 5:30, he once again launched a video chat, claiming to encounter something urgently need money, put another 35 thousand yuan. Mr. Liu feel puzzled, asked why he frequently borrow money today? Two of the standoff, Zhang from the outside into the company, talk about their QQ number stolen, Mr. Liu just know he cheated. Accompanied by Zhang, Liu came to the police report.

Mr. Liu, but too late to regret, wondering why he is most liar hand friend Zhang video? You don’t know, he could only remember opening a stranger sent over the web links, and a strange woman video chat……


hacking fraud

after receiving the report, according to the clues the police arrested Panmou et al fraud gang. They are from the rural areas of Guangxi, other relatives and friends, from the future of Shanghai, the average age of only 25 years old, the youngest only 22 years old, mostly unemployed at home after graduating from high school.

According to

Panmou after appearing in court to Jingan District procuratorate prosecutor explained, they are a group of 5 people use QQ chat tools to defraud money. Each has a clear division of labor, two are eligible for the boss, is responsible for providing accommodation and computer equipment; two young people as a keyboard player, responsible for QQ chat, get QQ number, password and video images of others, and a human driver, responsible for taking money to run errands.

prosecutors, the gang hacking fraud modus operandi is: the boss to buy the QQ account and phishing sites, QQ account for 16 above, also decorated QQ trojan website space style. The keyboard is responsible for the Internet