just get started as a young man portal, information aggregation type, but the flow is always not to investigate the reason, summarizes the main content, positioning is not clear mixed, and every day the update to update what today? (you do not know the brothers have no idea), insist for a long time, has done a lot of links, PR has been included to 4 is also good, but in the end too tired now lying there.

in April to do an industry station, the industry is the solar photovoltaic industry, the purpose of choosing this industry is not on the table, after all, everyone has their own ideas. From the beginning to find the program decided to use the imperial CMS, and then determine the use of rice. Com space using friends of the United States space. Then confirm the content positioning, do industry personally think that is very important to think about what you can give the industry to provide what? I choose industry information, pricing information, and the latest technology to do, the way for began to update the content, collect industry information, similar sites, related industry official (government) information collection and manual, in editing, attention must not copy directly. Paste, adhere to every day to focus on how to promote the next (personal opinion, for your reference only)

1: link: the same industry station to little hope for you to exchange, because it is a competitor, so I put the goal slightly in other industry and related energy station (such as wind), first of all, their links to show sincerity, then EMALI explained what whether not to exchange, exchange does not matter, you the new station is not, even their first single, and then link several official industry station, or other point of the station (note to the wrong one, single link or empty don’t stand some dumpster chain. Whether the search can not be concerned about the personal feelings of the user experience, just imagine the visitors came to see a pile of garbage is not related to the following, what do you think?.

2: since the industry station from the industry to start, first in your own station set up several free advertising (not too much) to the Alibaba to find related enterprises, their registered under the account, with the name of the site, and then want to communicate with them, tell them that you are the industry professional website, now offers free push the advertisement position (a long time period to decide, but must say clearly, don’t let others think you forever no fee!!) and free and can release their company included product promotion, the condition is to do his own website link in the enterprise station (enterprise stand generally good) the success rate is relatively high.

3: the establishment of the Alibaba group, to find the customer information into play, free advertising provides a limited number of advance reservation, often send some news address to your site, send some discussion questions, arouse interaction.. The operation of the group we must be very clear, but the industry may be higher viscosity station.

4: the industry is generally more than the exhibition, e-mail contact the organizers of the show, tell them to provide the show