derivative has the fire for a long time, some time ago CCTV also reported taking micro pyramid problem, but behind a positive energy on micro business reports, why before and after different reports, the first disclosure of the derivative is MLM negative, then affirms the positive energy of micro business? Here give you Gu Hua Beijing micro business circle of friends never disclosed Marketing Tips:

students, as a qualified micro business, professional sales staff, excellent boss, must have the following points:

1, the circle of friends is clean, neat, nutritious.

address buddy pull black you, shielding you, is the quality of your circle of friends. Circle of friends create attractive, add to the newcomers will always pay attention to your circle of friends, as a teacher of the circle of friends, everyone said too attractive, one of his dynamic, you can copy the past to make money, such a circle of friends who will shield. Will you,


2 regularly check their own products and agents of professional knowledge, tracking training to strengthen.

micro business to high turnover rate, it is necessary to know the product, people ask what you can answer, can make you feel you are very professional. Empathy, in the clear what products you need, you are willing to be what kind of people? Is that kind of question, such as a long time, or both to answer your question, but also to help you remove the doubts of micro sellers?

3 regular sales knowledge training, training for the weak links of agents, to summarize the problems encountered by the agency to train. Micro business, in fact, is the marketing process, a lot of time, then do not pass, will make a lot of intent agents and buyers loss. Therefore, we should regularly do sales knowledge training to agents, for the weak link of the agent to organize the courseware training, as well as the emergence of agents can not solve the problem, give them training.

finished training supervision agency executive, if not ahead of the agent, then you can have the corresponding reward, or can let the agent drive agent.

4 innovative sales, new ideas and methods to attract eyeballs. Circle of friends of the new things, the use of real-time hot spots, explosions, to attract the attention of the circle of friends, so that more people are concerned about you, you are interested in. In the form of micro providers are changing, if you have been used by others to use the method of abuse, do you think it will be attractive


so once you have a new idea, immediately teach the following agents to perform, seize the opportunity. Always be vigilant!

5: whether to face up to their correct relationship with the agent, to give them the right sales concept.

I think the relationship between the family and the agent, and not the business units as supervisor and subordinate relationships not only affiliation, cooperation, mutual help and support, mutual benefit and common development. Therefore, I generally do not call agents, and are called small partners, because my agent is my partner, we have a common belief, do common