says his leisure to do the secondary trading community, and no money to, at least not at present.

on the afternoon of May 18th, Taobao’s second-hand trading platform idle fish opened a conference in Hangzhou, announced the introduction of the Taobao auction.

idle fish was originally used by Taobao’s subordinate products, launched in 2012, and then in June 2014 was renamed the name of "idle fish". In simple terms, this is a second-hand commodity trading platform, the user can buy the goods on Taobao directly to the sale of idle fish, or take pictures, sweep yards released idle goods, free.


live demonstration of individual auctions

on the day of the press conference, the official announced the introduction of free fish Taobao auction business. Cooperation with Taobao auction customs, courts and other institutions, foundations and other items can be sold on the idle fish, as well as for the individual seller’s auction, which is still the invitation system. Thus, the current version of the idle fish can only be seen as a judicial disposal of assets, such as real estate, cars, etc., or as some of the fund’s Star Necklace and other items.

The specific

in the auction process, idle fish users in the first bid will be Alipay lock a certain amount of deposit, then bid according to a certain price. If the auction is unsuccessful, the deposit will be returned to the user.

auction and auction similar to the already appeared in idle fish. If the seller is labeled a "price", or commodity comments have quite a lot of advice, bargain with the seller. The free fish is the introduction of Taobao’s Taobao auction into idle fish, but the two teams did not merge.

In addition to announcing the introduction of a new

auction, the focus of this conference is still on the positioning of the idle fish. Alibaba group’s chief technology officer (CTO) Zhang Jianfeng (line epilepsy) repeatedly said: the second must be a community, not a business, free fish to do is free trading platform." He will be positioned as a platform for the sharing of idle fish economic platform, the introduction of the auction, as well as the vertical used car business, are in the help of idle fish made similar to Taobao’s platform.

, therefore, say that they prefer to fish more data, is like the user, the community (that is, the fish pond fish) activity, as well as the ratio between the buyer and the seller. The so-called fish pond is close to the online forum with watercress group, there are ponds, idle fish users can share items in the fish pond, comments, etc.. As a result, the fish does not exclude the buyer in the comments area bargaining with the seller.


as a part of the main standard idle fish fancy, the latest data user community idle fish "fish ponds" is 170 thousand, than the end of March this year announced a 125 thousand increase a lot; and a data interaction rate of idle idle fish, fish business.