February 9th news, exclusive, following last year’s Taobao 38 Festival kicked off the local life service to promote the 38 year festival is still on this concept to continue to overweight, Tmall connected together with the force, trying to put on a mobile terminal 11 in advance.

according to reliable sources, the Alibaba has begun to deploy 38 festival activities, in addition to sell goods, will also help O2O to achieve the transition from barter to service.


pointed out that the Alibaba previously announced in 2015 as the essence of the scheme is the release of the signal, the App will be settled to Taobao App, for the 38 quarter and pave the way for the realization of.

it is understood that Ali Baichuan plans to open six core experience, in addition to commodity trading closed loop within the APP, will be the vertical line to expand the ability of mining community, complete the local life O2O business closed loop.


" end "Ali jumped to a variety of restrictions, more from the ecological system of the end." This is the last year in October, Ali COO Zhang Yong explained to the Sichuan plan.

actually, expansion in O2O, Alibaba has launched several lines of business: one is to test Tmall as the core, realize the related physical commodities trading online and offline stores; the two is based on Taobao as the core, to idle away in seeking pleasure as a prying point, last year 38 day Ma please sing the National People’s dinner and a movie. "Is the representative; three is Alipay, from the cash flow control entry, not only to open up the retail brand O2O, will also O2O loop housekeeping, supermarkets, taxi and other local life service access Ali," whether online or offline, as long as the Alipay payment is good".

The 38 section

"last year Taobao Tmall limited participation, at present each category separately gathered in Hangzhou, to discuss the next plan how to make Tmall O2O are also involved." A person in charge of the electricity supplier brand told billion state power network. In a previous billion state power network access on the Ali group O2O plan, has put forward the enterprise full channel retail solutions, from the PC to the wireless side, to provide a full set of solutions marketing, member interaction, order support, to achieve online and offline data, commodity trading, stock funds, through the full channel retail model. The Ali O2O covered will include authorized Tmall stores and offline department stores, supermarkets, convenience stores and shoppingmall.

shows that Ali O2O just focus more on the combination with Tmall. As early as in 2013, Tmall 11 during the period, Ali had joint line brands and retail terminals, set off a O2O promotional storm.

released from Tmall in 2014 11 double all day transaction data, the day turnover of 57 billion 100 million yuan, of which the amount of mobile transactions amounted to $24 billion 300 million, the amount of mobile transactions in 2013 was 4.54 times, the total turnover of $42.6%. Alibaba Q4 earnings also verified the trend of mobile transactions: Alibaba from the mobile terminal 4>