in addition to compete for the domestic market, cross-border electricity providers are also competing for foreign business resources.

international brands to enter the Chinese market, which may be summed up the meaning of cross-border electricity supplier. For this, Jingdong recently pulled the European electricity supplier giant German Otto (Otto) group cooperation, the formation of a joint venture.

Otto (Otto) group is a German veteran of mail order retail companies, the current business including retail, financial services and e-commerce. 2014, Otto group revenues of 12 billion 57 million euros, the business in all countries around the world, is the world’s top second B2C after amazon.

The new

joint venture (Zitra) will be headquartered in Germany, to provide services for those who want to enter the market China European and American brands, including operations, marketing strategy, IT processing, logistics and customer service service system, through the Jingdong in the market Chinese platform to enhance the visibility and sales.

In addition to Jingdong

platform, Zitra will also provide one-stop access to other major global business platform generation operation services for international brand.

this is another action Jingdong layout cross-border electricity supplier business. Jingdong to enter the cross-border electricity supplier relatively late, global purchase in April this year, was formally launched.

, by contrast, rival Tmall in February last year on the line of Tmall international, by the end of last year has been introduced from 25 countries and regions of the more than 5 thousand and 400 overseas brands.

The concept of "cross-border

" fire from last year to this year, Tmall international, Jingdong global share, Amazon overseas purchase,, NetEase, honey Amoy sea purchase "koala"…… In another round of diapers, milk subsidies to compete for the domestic market, while these cross-border electricity providers are also competing for foreign business resources.

in addition to all kinds of international brands, some of the big department stores or overseas electricity supplier has become a popular object of contention. Last year, the United States, the second largest retailer Costco opened a flagship store in Tmall, Amazon this year will also be its cross-border electricity supplier in the direct import business part of the move to Tmall. Just started this year the Jingdong will soon pull to the eBay, Lotte online shopping cooperation.

cross-border electricity supplier, these have not yet set foot in overseas high-quality resources will also become the focus of the next partition.