O2O appears to be driven by changes in consumer spending habits. In the view of e-commerce Limited by Share Ltd Yonghui supermarket general manager Huang Zhixiong, the maximum value of O2O is the enterprise to maximize the use of resources. In the process of exploration, more and more people pay attention to the front end, consider how to use the Internet means of marketing, but for the back-end operation of the general lack of thinking.

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Huang Zhixiong, from the essence of O2O in terms of goods and services, prices and costs did not change, change is the essence of business process and the "Internet plus". For traditional business, information flow, capital flow, logistics have changed. Since last year, the flow is a large number of PC end to the mobile terminal transfer. Industry analysts believe that businesses should cut from the mobile terminal in order to get twice the result with half the effort. In Huang Zhixiong view, the business is only in the flow of funds, especially in terms of logistics related reforms in order to make the original business model to form a closed loop, and in the most efficient state.

Huang Zhixiong said, reflected in the O2O mode is the effective use of enterprise social idle warehouse, labor resources and other social resources which may require precipitation, make the original business model change. For traditional retail enterprises to explore the O2O model, Huang Zhixiong believes that companies do not large and full, especially for large retail companies have a lot of precipitation. For companies that have made great success in the past, they often want to move everything online in the early stages of exploration. In Huang Zhixiong opinion, this is not desirable, but it is through vertical cut, seize the first shopping scene is very important.

O2O transformation of traditional retail enterprises will face great challenges. Huang Zhixiong said that the traditional retail change embrace the Internet thinking, more importantly, landing. First of all, in terms of membership management, such as the need for consumer ID, address, etc., but it will affect the consumer’s shopping experience. In the Internet era, companies need only through the big data analysis on the line. Followed by the use of stores. Enterprises to store operations led, explore the integration of online and offline. In addition, the ability to support online logistics services. Enterprises can strengthen the use of resources through the coordination of the total warehouse and community stores. Enterprises need to have new thinking in the service supply chain, even new investment and reconstruction. In Huang Zhixiong view, in the mobile Internet era, traffic is actually more online, rather than in the PC side.

at the same time, enterprises should also maintain an open mind. For the traditional mode of operation will be the phenomenon of information silos, enterprises scattered around the work flow and resources in an enterprise to get through. So intensive in the industrial age is a very important way to improve efficiency.

when the flow of information to achieve more efficient, there is more intensive waste. Because in the past in the operation of a system, resources are in the hands of an enterprise. In Huang Zhixiong view, companies now want to share the resources in the hands of the thinking, both commodity resources, including logistics, systems and other resources. Sharing and integration can make this