NetEase Technology News reported on January 5th, according to Bloomberg news, Alibaba Group Holding Ltd sued two buyers, said the latter use Taobao website selling fake SWAROVSKI watches. A few weeks before the incident, Alibaba has just been included in the second list of u.s..

said in a statement on Wednesday that the lawsuit was the first legal action taken by the site for counterfeit goods sellers. Alibaba seeks compensation of 1 million 400 thousand yuan in litigation. This case to the people’s Court of Shenzhen City, Longgang filed a case on the Alibaba’s electricity supplier website to crack down on counterfeit goods initiatives. The company said it intends to take the same measures on other fake sellers.

Zheng Junfang, chief executive officer of

Alibaba, said in a statement: "we hope the counterfeiters will get the punishment they deserve to protect the owners of the brand. We will make full use of the force of law to put pressure on counterfeiters to prevent others from engaging in such illegal activities anywhere."

Tuesday afternoon, Alibaba’s shares on the New York stock exchange rose 2% to $90.36. In the past 12 months, the stock has risen by 9%.

Alibaba has not been able to get rid of the problem of fakes. Last month, the office of the U.S. trade representative said that Taobao is a "notorious" market, counterfeit and pirated goods complaints reached unacceptable levels. Alibaba said it has stepped up the policy of copyright infringement, optimizing the process of reporting and deleting fakes. Alibaba in a letter to the U.S. trade office said, ending in August before the time within a year, the company has cleared 380 million counterfeit products in Taobao, and closed 18 million selling fake shops.

Alibaba believes that it has been trying to crack down on the United States, the United States to re blacklist its move disappointed. The re – entry of the blacklist will undoubtedly hurt the ability of Alibaba to expand overseas, making it more difficult to establish relationships with local retailers, brands and entertainment companies.

In order to improve the credibility of

, Amazon also increased the intensity of the fight against counterfeit goods. November, Amazon on the two companies through its electricity supplier website to sell fake lawsuit. The lawsuit details how Amazon has cracked down on counterfeit goods, including spending tens of millions of dollars a year to detect illegal and counterfeit goods.

is similar to Amazon, Alibaba said it is also using machine learning and big data analysis techniques to identify and remove fakes. Alibaba through technical means to monitor a suspected sale of fake Taobao businesses, and information provided to the Shenzhen police in Luohu District. Police raided the suspect in August 10th, confiscated more than 125 counterfeit SWAROVSKI watches. Another fake seller was also found in the same action.

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