surging news reporter Yang Xinjie

is a Jingdong (Nasdaq:JD) management trainee Liu Qiangdong was summoned to return.

surging news ( exclusively learned that in August 31st, after leaving the Jingdong the youngest vice president Yu Rui, recently returned to Liu Qiangdong’s, and was appointed to the CEO Shop No. 1.

Jingdong insiders disclosed the news. Jingdong official declined to comment.


Yu Rui

public information, in 2008 joined the Jingdong and became a management trainee 80 " " Yu Rui, start from the front line to the warehouse distribution, led more than ten thousand employees in the fierce competition in the electricity supplier China East China hard, bear the Jingdong 1/4 orders, in the middle of 2014 was promoted to vice president of Jingdong group. Since then, leaving more than the message left in the lake.

management trainee is some large enterprises self training senior management personnel of the enterprise talent reserves plan. These people will usually practice in various departments of the company, to understand the whole process of the company’s operations, and then according to their personal expertise to arrange work, and ultimately can be competent for the Department, the person in charge of the branch.

in June this year, Jingdong gave WAL-MART (NYSE:WMT) 5% of the shares, from WAL-MART to buy the bulk of the assets of shop No. 1.

Jingdong before the shop No. 1 to inject 1 billion yuan of funds to start a price war with the Alibaba. As a Jingdong in East China power positioning Shop No. 1 is now in the East camp blocking Tmall supermarket.

in the online supermarket, Alibaba, Jingdong, Suning recently launched a fierce battle. The afternoon of August 31st, Jingdong mall consumer goods will announce a series of new initiatives and the future layout, open up the blue ocean market online supermarket.

Jingdong before carding a series of personnel changes can be found in the Jingdong after the listing, once by the company’s founder and chairman Liu Qiangdong love the occupation managers, almost ", then follow their The whole army was wiped out." to fight the world with veteran was deployed to Liu Qiang East side.

except Rui, the last two months, Liu Qiangdong’s former girlfriend Gong Xiaojing return to the Jingdong, served as a "consultant" public affairs group strategy of Jingdong; last year for the wireless business before Procter & Gamble top way Qingyun bear Chinese official Xu Lei, return to the hand of the market to create a Jingdong; the tube Pearson pouring back to Liu Qiangdong side as a assistant, Department of Jingdong and a number of the company’s legal representative.

around 2012, a number of airborne Jingdong resume bright occupation managers, including COO, Shen Haoyu, CMO CTO Wang Yaqing, blue ye, or left, or by post.

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