October 30th, Dangdang officially announced the way to enter the flagship store Tmall, as e-commerce giant, Dangdang in the bibliography, daily class has its own price advantage. Dangdang.com settled Tmall selected products still is the biggest advantage of product – shopping tour map, daily two categories. When I heard the news, the first feeling is Dangdang want to borrow Tmall to hold the thigh to the Amazon, Suning fight, but deep thought, not only is this reason, there are several other.

Jingzhuo trying to take advantage of Tmall against Su

dangdang.com recently greatly weaken the brand influence in the Jingdong, Suning after the price war, the exposure rate has been at the front, especially Jingdong can be said to be a fighter for Amazon, although its influence also declined, but is still a whole picture of audio and video industry leader, dangdang.com after ten the development is now facing the brand influence decline is a terrible thing, that is not recognized by consumers to dangdang.com in many places, and recently Dangdang do is not how, said that dangdang.com one million red flag event for dangdang.com it is a failure of marketing, since commitment, but did not realize a false, cheat, deceive consumers, the consumer sentiment and profiteering, exactly is a The loss outweighs the gain. marketing , I was speculated that Dangdang operations have a problem, there is a problem with the capital chain, as for what reason, Dangdang has not yet given reply.

Dangdang main business is a picture, two kinds of daily necessities, such products have the top two giants, Dangdang is indeed very difficult, by Tmall’s great influence to the development of the means is really helpless.

borrow flow to Tmall

Dangdang settled propaganda news, dangdang.com in micro-blog CEO Li Guoqing said: no matter in Tmall and Tencent, other services, and we have a bunch of different promotional ideas and standards, so what is the specific period with elongated, different, and I didn’t ask, but I give a clear guidance from the. Who let people flow. And I do not think Tmall is a channel hegemony, but the operation and service concept is different. It is clear that an external analysis, indeed by Tmall drainage, but also a lot of people think of a reason. From the dangdang.com flow down, for the platform flow is the priority among priorities, by this means is reasonable, it is also an attempt, an attempt is, when the former has been dangdang.com, Jingdong, Taobao and Tmall as an independent opponent, because the possibility of their cooperation is small, they are essentially platform, traffic is the lifeblood of them. In 2011 September, Tmall official Zhang Yong, said: Tmall will not sell, not do retailers. With an open attitude to welcome all types of retailers in the development of Tmall platform. After a lot of people do not pay attention to or do not believe that, from today, Tmall is doing it should be done, the combination of Tmall and Dangdang, will give more electricity supplier platform effect >