is different from business in Taobao, independent store customers depend on their own to fight, although there is no known as millions of consumer groups, but also need not be cut to the buyers frequently face the embarrassment of fire, the most important thing is to the consumer online shopping mall is very easy to become loyal customers, to bring Everfount income for operators. So, good at managing brand network will eventually move towards independence mall, before the successful demonstration of the Jingdong, Dangdang, where customers, with the largest B2C platform Chinese education as a direction of today’s network of excellence is equally confident on independence mall. In the years of operation, but also summed up some of the experiences and lessons of the mall, where the temporary borrowing under the three discipline of the eight names.

one of the three major discipline for mall internal management:

discipline one: must have characteristics. No one will not be remembered, the mall can not attract consumers without characteristics. The Jingdong started by electrical appliances, Dangdang is a fortune by books, people are familiar with today’s network of excellence is a variety of educational resources for children, students, white-collar workers and other required;

discipline two: must be comprehensive. This is not to say that a comprehensive, exhaustive, but the characteristics of the electrical appliances complete, such as Jingdong must be the most comprehensive, all aspects of educational products today ChinaHR coverage of children, speech eloquence, business management, English training;

discipline three: must have a price advantage. What is the biggest difference between network operators and business entities? Price independent mall is no exception. Now the industry of the network there are many, in the mall to maintain the first two advantage at the same time, they should be competitive in terms of price, in order to attract all levels of customers.

and the eight main focus on the mall’s external management:

pay attention to one: service attitude and gas. What are the two keys to becoming a friend?. As a network, we should not only provide a good product, but also learn to make friends with customers more carefully, answer customer questions, speech and make friends with each other, the best to do business;

note two: to correct errors. To err is human, although sometimes some errors may be caused by the courier and other factors, but the network must not push customers to buy products here, we should be responsible in the end in the compulsory, and timely leak filled, to avoid similar problems from happening again;

note three: let the goods fully introduce themselves. In fact, the best customer service is the product itself, but many lack of description of goods mall operators attention, blindly use pictures to charge the scene, customers need to know the information only from the picture is hard to get. If the operator carefully, will find peers do better, the description of the goods must be with customers to see again, basically can solve most of the questions;

note four: focus on customer. When you are happy, you want to share it with others