news March 29th, today the Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong said, will give some directions in the 2016 adjustment, will pay more attention to the community, and the content of local life, and in accordance with each individual industry set up a special team to do content operation, and through business cooperation, cooperation and Master new "species". Upgrade to Taobao shelf.


at the same time, Zhang Yong announced the merger of Taobao and wireless Taobao, Taobao has successfully transformed into a mobile era from the PC era. In the future, video and video will be used more and more. Zhang Yong suggested that the seller’s electricity supplier should be part of the establishment of a separate content operations team.

at the end of 2015, the Wuzhen Internet Conference, Zhang Yong Taobao for the emergence of the "Red Net economy" endorsement, Zhang Yong believes that the network rely on the power of the individual red fire up, making a group of fans, generate business opportunities.

last week, Alibaba group announced its 2016 fiscal year electricity supplier turnover has exceeded $3 trillion, more than WAL-MART. In addition, Zhang Yong said, fiscal year 2020 will reach GMV target of more than 60 thousand yuan.

Zhang Yongcheng: Taobao to go beyond retail, beyond consumption, a source of fun, Tmall to take root retail, close to the real economy, to help the remaining 90% of the business more efficient."