A few days ago to

member Canjian home to Nanyang to play, it is not a small harvest. Since Nanyang and Hefei there is no direct access to the aircraft, so no aircraft to do, what I found is to make money, put stall there on the same day, oh is this occupation, is the so-called Kaoshanchishan by water draft relations, Nanyang is a famous city of jade, it is to use a word to describe each person, each high streets and back lanes. Where is the sale of jade. In Nanyang the place, if you want to make money, only 2 capacity can, (1); (2) to exchange is a bargain, will bid, will speak, will pull.

try? Very simple, courageous, willing to invest money, willing to take risks. Now this is suitable for me to find opportunities to make money is the opportunity to come together with the risk. Bold, cautious, a little bit, the executive can make money, timid, afraid of the wolf scared the tiger, is always beggars, never too successful. Now on the Internet to make money, in fact, we think the same is true, is the network changed the speed of execution, reduce transaction costs, broaden the trading platform, open up more trade relations, the last time I had been in the train on Taobao, found a new source of economic ideas and projects through the channel, click is based on the price of the number, the level of the cost to click, but we can combine a thing, pay off promotion to sell something, you may not know, now the price is relatively low, the sale price is relatively high, the general profit in more than 50%, here I can say is any product, you can first understand.

, for example, now the clothing market, 200% of the profits, the tea market is more than 500%, the food market is about 230%, and so on, there are many of the profits of the product is 1000%. Maybe we didn’t find it. Say an example around us. You may know "how much is a bottle of ice Black Tea", the normal price is 3 yuan, but the supermarket price is 1.5 (yuan) the price is too high, you can see a bottle of Water Margin is the other half, they can feel products?.

go the same day my friends took me to the jade market and found that the jade market things are astronomical, it is astronomical, scared I did not dare to look at, even the head did not dare to return, the price did not dare ask.. (joke) ah, the price is very high, ah, said the point is more expensive than gold, a simple jade, very small, very common, since the price is 8900. Very terrible, finally in a shop, and a boss talked for a while, in fact, I was not how to chat, in Canjian brothers asked, understand a lot of things, the boss finally said he also in the Taobao store, and is the 1600 little credit, four drill. But this is not very surprising, is surprised, the boss said a lot of network business than his real business very surprised, I finally took a look at the Taobao in his shop, what the price is very high, no less than a few of the most.