look at the 2015 Taobao market, the most profitable shop than the net red shop, a senior seller. Although this era is not everyone can be a net red, but one we can have another way to go, that is the rapid promotion of Taobao’s senior seller. Star password expert analysis of your professional shop service shop opened 5 taboo, buddy come to see if there is no condemnation, you have no shot


1, red net = imitation, distinctive shop to popular

because the red net economic is very popular, so a lot of Taobao shop in order to build a network to face myself, spare no effort to imitation of the major network red shop. The consequences of this is the Taobao store lost its own characteristics, to finally directly into "grotesque" shop.

star professional shop service network password weapon: Although red fire, we can learn from the Taobao store, but remember to copy, create personalized shop is currently the most popular personalized shops, a higher degree of recognition of Taobao buyers, more conducive to long-term development.

2, the traditional marketing thinking is not desirable, affiliate marketing is king

entering the electricity supplier to open shop industry, many sellers Taobao will fall into a misunderstanding of the traditional marketing thinking behind closed doors, used to open shop business, in fact, this is a very desirable behavior, because the open shop need to have innovative thinking, a conservative intransigent, will only be out of the market


star password pro shop service weapon: nowadays each shop in related marketing do believe we are not unfamiliar, but how to make related marketing effect, it is not simple. Differences associated with marketing will make your shop plus a lot of oh.

3, a single channel to promote out, the new media you forget?

a lot of Taobao shop is actually an Internet world of information islands, in addition to relying on the promotion of electronic business platform itself, almost all of these Taobao shop is isolated from the network. Later, to the development of promotion in micro-blog, QQ group, QQ issued a variety of advertising space not to mind taking the trouble. But fundamentally speaking, this simple and rough promotional information push, for the communication between the store and the Internet world, played a minimal role.

star password professional shop service platform weapon: Taobao online promotion methods have been constantly changing, can’t keep so many, because you do not know whether you do have the effect of promotion. Try the new media, it will bring a different effect to your shop.

4, make money can not save money, the construction of force team

first of course to do business to make money, this is as unalterable principles. But who knows, want to make money, have to invest, make big money, you have to increase investment costs, so as to earn more. But a lot of Taobao sellers in order to make money and not to save money, which will imprison the long-term development of the shop.

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