in the integrity of the e-commerce website is the most fatal problem, we demonstrate that the lack of good faith directly lead to the basic damage to e-commerce. No letter is not established, e-commerce must be based on honesty in order to long-term development. This article will start from the same example, and we explore the importance of user experience in e-commerce activities and how to do a good job of the user experience.

as we mentioned in the "good faith" in the article, where to go, there is a website information release trap, the trap is very subtle but very perfect cheated a lot of users. On the one hand, we can see that this site is extremely lack of integrity, on the other hand, the lack of integrity of the web site to allow users to have a negative attitude, impression is very good, this is part of a negative impression of the user experience.

user experience is not good, will lead to what kind of result is very simple, so that business opportunities disappear instantly, so that potential customers continue to lose. During the national day what is good to sell, for businesses, is the name of the golden week. In the eve of the national day, the most popular is no doubt the ticket, train ticket. Where website does not directly sell tickets, it only as a platform for the dissemination of information on the network, the combination of ticket information release, for the user to understand the ticket information, selective purchase of the sale of each big website ticket.

we do not know where to go, the site’s profit model, perhaps it is to rely on the site’s advertising to make money, or it is through the issuance of ticketing website information, to charge the other side of the information release. However, no matter what kind of model, where to go must be from the user point of view, to achieve the continuous upgrading of the site itself, the continuous development.

here, we can reverse inference: if where website can pay attention to the user experience, constantly modify the way of information dissemination, to guide the user to buy the right, naturally avoid users suffer losses, if the user can always find the appropriate information on the website, buy the appropriate ticket, he will certainly continue again visit, where he can form the best reputation marketing, where website users can therefore get higher evaluation, more user access and attention. Finally, it is possible to upgrade the website for ticket information portal website development prospects limitless. Vice versa, poor user experience, let users dislike or even hate directly to your website. And you still think this is a more than one customer is not much, a lot of customers a lot of times, then you are wrong. A significant feature of the Internet is the rapid spread of information, word of mouth marketing has been able to play in the field of network marketing is difficult to imagine the role lies in this.

under user rapid and website reputation with unimaginable speed spread, once spread, it is to save a little. Instead of placing the site in a dangerous situation, it is better to focus on the user experience as early as possible, and grasp the key factors of the success or failure of e-commerce.

to do a good user experience, from a number of aspects to consider. Well known e-commerce intelligence