this year’s double eleven somewhat different. The biggest change is that in previous years, eleven pairs of Tmall is the main battlefield, and since Ali and Suning two companies after the strategic investment of 42 billion yuan, Tmall more than a large number of physical stores suning.

Song Jianan

many media have noted that the early morning of October 18th, Su ningyun group COO Hou Enlong released the first micro-blog in Sina micro-blog, the content is only four words "Beijing campaign".

People close to the top Suning

interface to news reporters, before the release of micro-blog, Suning headquarters in Nanjing held a high level of internal meetings, the main points of discussion with Suning third O2O Shopping Festival, is also familiar with the outside world about double eleven big promotion. "The chairman Su ningyun Zhang Jindong, COO Hou Enlong and other executives have attended the meeting and made a mobilization speech and very detailed, commodity market, logistics, customer service deployment." The person said.

Although it is impossible to know the specific concept of

flat Beijing campaign ", but because it contains the character" Jing "on the double eleven approaching, many people speculated that Suning directed against the Jingdong.

there’s a detail that might explain some of the problems. In October 15th China (Sichuan) summit on the development of electronic commerce, the Jingdong founder Liu Qiangdong said, in the past a major drawback of the domestic electricity supplier is sacrificing the quality of pure pursuit of cheap, regardless of quality and taste, taste a cheap map. In the future must be put on the quality of the first, foster brand, enterprises can be profitable. This release from a side of the Jingdong do not want to fight price war signal.

The same day

speech Su Ning, vice chairman Sun Weimin seems to think of Liu Qiangdong does not agree, he stressed that "the real price war is built on a strong supply chain on the basis of the nature of price war is the ability of retail value of war, some of the traditional electricity supplier is no longer about" low price "is because of money."

Liu Qiangdong’s statement is indeed contrary to the view of the price war in 2012. 2012 generations of electronic commerce annual meeting, Liu Qiangdong bluntly, the platform will always fight price war, the ability to price war, do not deserve to do retail platform. He also said that, for example, WAL-MART in the field of business over 60 years of price war, creating a sales of $about 400000000000, once the stop price war, immediately died.

if placed 6 years ago, Suning Internet transformation has not yet been effective, even with the effect of Tmall cooperation has not seen how much. But now, the company’s supply chain, logistics, service and other retail capabilities are significantly higher than in the past, and Wanda alliance. These are similar to the online business model Jingdong is not good news.

According to the

interface news reporter received the news that this year Suning O2O Shopping Festival will directly on the full range of commodity prices than the Jingdong, Jingdong, and a large number of explosive product prices than low Jingdong 20%. In order to ensure the implementation of the price strategy in place, Suning set up at the headquarters level "price"