is known as the "Chinese e-commerce city" of Hangzhou, will host the "2010 Hangzhou electronic commerce industry policy interpretation and Hangzhou e-commerce Industrial Park project will be in April 22nd, let the national e-commerce site further understanding of Hangzhou, and all over the country to attract more e-commerce companies settled in Hangzhou, to lay a solid foundation for creating global electronic business affairs" and "Internet jingjijiangshi. At the same time, organized by the Hangzhou e-commerce Industrial Park project will be described, it is precisely for these foreign e-commerce companies to provide an opportunity to choose the best habitat.

as everyone knows, in 2008, Hangzhou was officially awarded the "China e-commerce" title, has like Netsun,, Alibaba, Alipay and other famous electronic commerce of the nation’s leading enterprises, and gathered thousands of industry website, total number of e-commerce sites across the country accounted for more than 1/5.

in addition, Hangzhou also has a number of China clothing network, electronic market network, China vecuronium cement net, Zhencheng medicine network as the representative of the listing is expected in recent years the industry leader in e-commerce service enterprises, as well as a large number of e-commerce through the network platform for employment, entrepreneurship and entrepreneurs.

according to the introduction, in order to make better development of electronic commerce industry, the Hangzhou municipal government planning of Hangzhou e-commerce Industrial Park opened at the end of March 2010. The park has been officially approved to become the country’s first China Mobile e-commerce pilot base sub Park, and become China’s e-commerce capital of the first professional e-commerce Industrial Park and incubation base. The park is undoubtedly the first choice for e-commerce enterprises settled in Hangzhou.

according to informed sources, the park will be assigned to all e-commerce enterprises, Zhejiang, Hangzhou and the Xihu District Municipal People’s government to give a series of preferential policies.

"the development of any industry can not be separated from government policy support, e-commerce industry is no exception." Insiders pointed out that, for the emerging e-commerce, government policy support is particularly important, will greatly promote the rapid and healthy development of the industry. The local governments have also introduced a series of measures to support the e-commerce industry.