‘s 4 year old son cries out for a "Little Penguin" toy". He said: "the little penguin climb the stairs good fun ah, Dad, you take me to buy


"do not know where to sell ah, you have to play the bad that was accidentally bought by my father." I told him to take him to the mall, but I can’t guarantee it.

but he doesn’t buy it, I immediately gave him a. It beats me, but there are ways to coax children. I suddenly thought of the online shopping. So open the universal Taobao, search for the "small penguin to climb the stairs toys", as expected, he wanted to find a toy, 35 yuan also mail.

so, let him choose the type he wants on Taobao, so that the toy is finished. But the problem came again, and he said, "when will I be able to deliver it?."

I said: "this can not be said ah, may be 2-3 days." The son is not happy: "Daddy, can you buy a ticket for the toy, so that it can be sent immediately." This toy price is too big, a 35 yuan of toys to get a ticket thousand yuan? Really is "a red son smile, who knows is a toy to" feeling.

logistics and distribution of consumption upgrade urgent

I’m telling this story to illustrate a common problem in current online shopping, which is the uncertainty of delivery time. And every online shopping customers seem to be like children in general, they want their online shopping products can be sent to the agreed time.

electricity supplier development so far, has more than 10 years. Almost all goods can be bought online. Through the precise search so that shopping is no longer a stroll around the west, especially some non-standard goods.

now quickly buy commodities by the electricity supplier is satisfied, but the customer has put forward higher demand to a higher level of experience, the "logistics" has become the most critical part of the shopping experience.

March 28th, big data collaborative platform – rookie network announced invested 1 billion yuan, with a number of courier, warehousing, landing with the company, composed of rookie alliance, to provide quality logistics to businesses and consumers experience.

at the same time, the rookie also announced a set of survey data, in the past 10 years, the amount of electricity supplier parcels increased from 860 million per year to $20 billion 600 million. From the quantitative point of view, the courier industry has achieved a breakthrough, but from its overall service point of view, but not satisfactory.


data show that 56% of consumers believe that online shopping is not allowed to express, the logistics service reflects the bad attitude of 25%, nearly half of online shopping consumers in search of better quality logistics services.

at present, the whole society are in the consumer upgrade, not only the quality and performance of the goods need to upgrade, the service is also being upgraded to a better experience. Electric business 10 years >