group purchase questioned 24 coupons for fraud, crime of fraud to the police (with TechWeb


TechWeb editor: Mr. Lin to work in Guangzhou and colleagues in June 17th 35 group purchase website "24 certificates" group purchase group purchase 554 copies, a total of 55 thousand yuan shopping card, but the delay is not delivery network group purchase, the original commitment of 5 to 7 days delivery, but now a month to finish it thereafter, not only the goods not received, more consumers are dissatisfied with the group purchase website customer service and the relevant person in charge has been with consumers to recover. Lin in addition to 12315 complaints, but also prepared to report to the fraud case to the 110.

Lin later and friends went to the 24 ticket Guangzhou office hopes to find a solution, but found that the office has been removed. Mr. Lin said that they have complained to the 12315 "24 certificates" belongs to Beijing red micro-blog culture art limited company, if you still can not solve, ready to report fraud to 110, and the Office jointly issued a lawyer’s letter to.

Mr. Lin said, China Southern headquarters Huarun million replied: "there is no 24 coupons and cooperative group purchase activities". Reporters call the Huarun million China Southern headquarters advisory, but also get the same answer, the staff also said that there have been many consumers to call the Advisory, but the group purchase activities by the "24 certificates" unilaterally held, does not have any relationship with Huarun 10000.

reporter saw a web page, a total of 15015 consumers participated in the group buying activities, involving a total amount of more than $1 million 500 thousand.