Tmall announced in the new year the first working day to start the consumer experience upgrade plan, said it would punish dishonest businessmen, the subtext is to crack down on fake goods, scalping and other dishonest business practices. This is a good thing, consumers no longer worry about being fake and shoddy goods Kengpian, is no longer the brush out of the sales ranking and flicker, businesses with the strength of credit management, online transactions will return to harmony.

I hope it sounds good, it is difficult to achieve. Whether Tmall is not really want to strike not the integrity of the business, the business will start a purge of wheelset encountered the following two problems.

big seller brush single Tmall can not move

on the Alexa query Tmall nearly a month of traffic, you can find the largest traffic in the 45 pages, the big brand sellers accounted for 15, including Adidas and Watsons, respectively, and fifth. The picture is too long, not a list of interested comrades to view

big sellers occupy 15 seats in the top 45 Tmall highest flow, let double eleven during the period of the 1% businesses accounted for more than 90% of the turnover of the rumors that the basic.

want to know, the big seller’s contribution to Tmall is not just income, as well as brand influence, these are small sellers can not compete. So the corresponding, big sellers stepped on the red line illegal business, such as scalping, Tmall dare to manage it?

already has more than one Tmall small sellers on the complaint, scalping is no way, everyone in the brush, buy traffic is too expensive, do not brush will flow difference and transformation, will never go to search the pages, the user can not search you no sales, this is a vicious ring, so basically Tmall seller sales do not have to find a single brush shop. And a lot of big sellers, are the company’s operations, willing to invest in the capital, behind a group of powerful brush team.

this "unspoken rule" Tmall does not know? Of course clearly, so every time cleaning brush single business when some small sellers will pull out of the public, six stores such as last year’s double eleven before being exposed are: Peter Getty, the flagship store flagship store, Smiar Love Meter flagship store, FallinMiss mystery flagship store shoes camel men’s flagship store, Rafi Steen flagship store. In addition to the camel slightly awareness, the rest are typical domestic small sellers, but only sell men’s camel.

Tmall last year, the total turnover of more than 400 billion, the big seller is the absolute main force, but also absolutely can not move the foundation, hit the brush alone will not hit them on the head. And this is not good news for small sellers.

small sellers difficult to continue to accelerate the exodus

earlier this month by the end of 2014, there is news that Tmall closed 12589 stores, compared with the previous year growth of approximately doubled, accounting for about 9% of the total number of Tmall stores. The cost is too high