Double 12 near

once a year, after re shuffle of the big three O2O glutinous rice, the United States mission, reputation early layout, have launched a variety of awesome promotional benefits, it is glutinous rice with Baidu advantage of big data create new styles. The three party recount to double 12 into the first national O2O Festival Double 11 online shopping festival by analogy. This year 12 of Baidu Nuomi is undoubtedly a golden opportunity, the initial integration is another new word, hastily launched lizuweiwen, Baidu through big data precision made specifically for the rice Festival tailored to the "shuangshier Hot pot Festival" started off, double melee 12 enclosure.

Baidu Nuomi launched Hot pot Festival, trying to take advantage of big data off –

is seen as the continuation of the double 11 double 12 in 2011, but with the double 11 gradually from the Taobao platform a holiday for the national transitional Online Shopping Festival "good luck" compared to the double 12 impression is vague, also has not been popular. In fact, the reason is very simple, China has a double 11 will no longer need the second online shopping festival. We can look at the calendar, every holiday of the year only once, the only characteristic is the biggest festival. Double 12 can not be double, the need to re give it a new meaning in order to glow behind the creation of the huge consumption potential behind the section of the 11. With the continuation of the online shopping section of Taobao’s idea of copying 12 pairs on the contrary, to grasp the massive user behavior data of Baidu, the dual nature of the life of the consumer service for the 12 day, the popular saying is intended to double the 12 into a buy section". If Baidu gives the concept of double 12 new strategy once successful, you can sit close to double the 12 section of the marketing dividend, from the brand to enhance the number of benefits to the market position.


(Baidu index "hot pot" curve, every year in December is the peak)

why focus on hot pot, Baidu big data show that whether it is may day, Mid Autumn Festival, eleven during the holiday season, buffet and hot pot is the top ranking of food consumption in the top two, the market has a rigid demand.

according to Baidu big data on the trend of life consumption data analysis over the years, almost every year in December is the peak consumption of hot pot. In fact, looking back at the double 11 Festival made Ali intention, the first goal is to make people remember the day Taobao is second, 11 is the double peak shopping season, online shopping has great potential to meet consumer demand, making the festival twice. This idea with Baidu big data analysis results according to the data show that Baidu agree without prior without previous consultation, during the festival, Hot pot buffet (brand is the second to the second categories of food consumption).

to double 12 to buy into the festival, Baidu big data guide glutinous rice festival marketing, concluded that the best entry point is hot pot". Data show that in November 2015, the number of Baidu Nuomi in the country over the same period last year, the number of hot pot stores increased by 70%, monthly water grew by more than 3 times. The 11 season is winter double at a tipping point, with skid surface. Double 12 also has double 11 to become the elements of a comprehensive festival >