NetEase science and technology news April 9th news, today to 15 this month, Tmall will hold New Zealand Seafood Festival, the world’s first live seafood.

of fresh agricultural products has been big cake tempting but because the electricity supplier industry, logistics and customer service service and a series of problems has become the industry hard. Recently Tmall use big data analysis and social logistics platform, the first attempt to break the deadlock, combined with the New Zealand government, launched the world’s first online New Zealand live seafood purchasing and distribution services to 67 domestic consumer city.

according to the New Zealand Trade Minister Groze introduced, the New Zealand Seafood Festival, in addition to Emerald Bay, Marlborough New Zealand’s unique Pacific oysters, abalone and other black gold star of New Zealand seafood products to consumers online for the first time Chinese sale.

seafood landings started from New Zealand, to distribution to consumers, to go through the middle of the following links: New Zealand supplier of processing sorting, flown to Shanghai, customs clearance, shipping, logistics and distribution company packaging business. The Tmall New Zealand fishing will be the whole from the sea to the bowl, the overall time control in 72 hours. It is said that 72 hours is the time limit for the completion of the entire supply chain of global imports of goods can be done at present time.

is currently the first to open the city to experience the list of 67 Tmall, we have strict control of after-sales service. One hundred percent promise not live baopei." According to the person in charge of Tmall, because it is the first time that a live seafood delivery service, consumers can determine whether the survival of seafood products on the day of receipt, Tmall will take a series of measures to protect the rights and interests of consumers "do not live Baopei: consumers on the day of the launch refund businesses provide evidence, the refund amount will be determined according to the number and proportion of completed 24 hours. (Sun Hongchao)