Jingdong to launch a fierce attack on Tmall from the perspective of the supplier at the end of July, the Jingdong held supplier conference is standing on the point of the supplier of the service attributes of electronic business platform, the supplier should have the freedom to choose the right business platform, and should not be bound by the business platform, which is obviously not able to achieve the maximum the supplier interests, this kind of thinking is actually aimed at Taobao has been pursuing one of two principles initiated, although many providers have many complaints about Taobao Tmall, Taobao Tmall, but under the huge traffic service, these businesses also led to resentment.

Jingdong is attractive for businesses suffer from the platform of Taobao


Jingdong has been very popular with consumers love, as an e-commerce site, with its rich variety of goods and quasi between logistics and distribution system and the price of these three points determine consumer buying behavior important advantage, win the market share for many years ranked first industry achievement. This is also consistent with Jingdong has the idea of platform ideas related to its technology, services, finance and its own logistics support package, the open platform positioned in the seller’s overall solution provider".


is not fall ahull, Tmall is a comprehensive shopping website. And Tmall relies on such a large electricity supplier Taobao, then Tmall’s strength is also conceivable. Tmall integrates thousands of brands, manufacturers, to provide one-stop solutions for businesses and consumers. Tmall’s product range and quality assurance, more than 7 days no reason to return the service, as well as shopping points back and other quality services.

The similarity of

both too much to form the fierce competition in the industry, Taobao Tmall is using its own platform huge traffic advantage, throat way is to take upon the development of Jingdong, that is the elimination of suppliers and Jingdong, the Jingdong did not let the springhead, then the Jingdong’s book also book soon, it is also the case of Jingdong the size of sales always go up.

break monopoly let businesses look forward to

Jingdong’s open platform, like Tmall, are open platform for third party business model. Jingdong platform rules will be announced in the third quarter, it can be said to be perfect. Jingdong and Tmall will naturally become the eyes of each other’s strongest rival, but each has its own advantages and disadvantages, the Jingdong in again recently with "monopoly" to bombard the competitors, and said: "last year a lot of buyers increasingly sad day", which is alluding to Tmall.

satire on others in discourse, which is perhaps the most heinous way, this time, or with the strength to speak is more important, the masses are sharp glasses. In June the Jingdong anniversary big promotion, Tmall and Jingdong again forced businesses "one of two" in the line, this is the monopoly of the battlefield on


‘s "open platform" monopoly makes Tmall and Jingdong battle