believe that many sellers have a trouble, that is their own product sales do not go out, some people think that Taobao of the guest to promote their products, but Taobao is not willing to go to the guest promotion, every time I see the seller in the Taobao passenger group shouted, let more generally get less, the result is to be T, of course, no one is willing to promote the seller’s products, why there is such a situation, many sellers mistakenly believe that as long as their high commission, can, in fact, you high commission, others are high, while others sell credibility is higher than you, of course not choose you, I first introduced the Taobao customer love to choose what type of products do promotion, then can let Taobao customer seller promotion method.

Taobao customers like to choose what conditions to promote the product.

1 high margin. The seller of the Commission, is less a few cents, many hundreds or even thousands of yuan, if low commission commission ratio good do promotion, so low commission is certainly Taobao customer selected object, but the reality is not so high, when the Commission is also very easy to promotion, such as losing weight products of breast products, Taobao customers naturally not choose those products very low commission, after all, they only choose the most profitable. Of course, if everyone is staring at this product, then the intensity of competition, it is not good to do, but generally speaking, Taobao customers will certainly choose a high commission products.

2 high sales. A high volume of products, means that the baby page must be done very well, but also means that this product is very good to sell, that this product has a high conversion rate, such products of Taobao customers love. High sales at the same time can also promote ranking, is a very good virtuous circle.

3. Taobao said that if the guest promotion is your single product, so usually only see you this single product situation, as long as you this single product satisfaction is very good, the problem is not big, if is to promote your store, so too low will not get them from the scope, because they have been in the pursuit of high conversion shop.

4 shop level. Why Taobao customers very high grade love shop to do the promotion, not because they love, but because love customers, in order to improve the conversion rate, usually in the same selection under the condition of high reputation or mall is their favorite.

how Taobao customers to promote your products.

The above factors

are actually based on the conversion rate of each passenger, Taobao hopes the traffic can be fully utilized, in their own design promotion ideas at the same time, also need to cooperate with the seller, so look for a seller understand marketing skills is also a direction for them, the above factors are factors a good seller should have. If we want to sell Taobao as a seller to promote our products, we need to try to put their products or shops to rely on the above factors.

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