Alin a half day to leave the unit, such as a special guard courier at home. The view of the express order, she was dedicated to the secondary market to buy a blue cage, molar rod, and a pile of dog food.

yes, she’s waiting for a 3 month old Alaska dog. Since the Taobao online to its casual glance, dog Alin decided it is. After the order, a dog from the birthplace of Beijing, thousands of miles away by train to Guangzhou.

More than 4

in the afternoon, express the dog finally appeared in front of the small smelly Alin: curled up in the corner of the cage of things, look a bit idiotic, four small claws trembling, how to coax refused to get out of the cage, Montreal is it rotten cloth bear cotton, a mess……

later, aline at Taobao to confirm payment, the seller gave a bad review, the reason is that "a dog was sent home after more than 4 days journey, caused a strong psychological shadow to the dog." Soon, the seller to intervene through the QQ, the two party a big fight.

no one knows exactly what the dog is going through on the road, it’s just a piece of Taobao.

with the development of Taobao’s trade and transportation, in recent years, more and more frequent transactions between plants and animals in different regions. Express reporter found on the Internet, Taobao now in addition to the ordinary cat and dog transactions, and even many sellers began selling fish, spiders, fireflies and a variety of living plants.

people seldom know, for the delivery of these living things, their packaging costs even more than the value of living; the transportation process is bumpy, facing these small things after the birth of the biggest test of life and death, they began to know what is called the "survival of the fittest"; even in the future, they have no owner flown the case, they have replaced the "feel" of a master.

safely arrived at the destination, whether alive or dead, they will be sent to the owner’s home. As for the master itself by not fly, this depends on the luck of these little guys.

giant pandas and their owners sit first class? Don’t pull


, a big online panda wearing diapers to fly first-class cabin to eat bamboo photos, "Adorable" network before a Indoorsman Indoorswoman, there are friends laugh it, don’t know it when you need it, will the bell to serve the airline stewardess beautiful.

but I’m sorry to tell you that this scene is not possible. In accordance with the provisions for civil air transport, the aircraft cabin is strictly prohibited and mixed sit, not to mention the first-class cabin sitting in the location of the emergency exits, even if it is a national treasure, also "condescending" in the cage, and the goods are crowded together.

so when you buy a small animal on Taobao, if the shopkeeper tells you that the puppy will be in the cabin of the plane, and there is someone to serve them, please do not