"Three Gorges" domain name was registered, online selling 2000 yuan. Yesterday, the reporter saw in a well-known website, called "the shot hit rate is very high, many netizens criticized the vendors should not use public resources for personal gain. Reporters on a professional domain name trading platform to see the auction domain name is the Three Gorges Reservoir Area www.sxkq.com. Reporters on the website to stay on the phone contact with the seller. Seller Wang Dong (a pseudonym) is a University of Chongqing computer science education students, 21 years old this year. Wang Dong said that since 2005 to see the famous search site www.google.cn after being registered, Google company has spent $1 million to repurchase from the hands of others, from this incident inspired Wang Dong, immediately thought of in this way to make money.

in the last semester of the fourth grade college, Wang Dong breath registered up to more than and 10 com at the end of the international domain name, most of the "Three Gorges" and "Kuizhou (Fengjie) a web site in the Three Gorges area names as domain name information port". A few days ago, Wang Dong intends to selling the domain name, but he believes that the domain name is worth twenty thousand yuan.