some people say that the Internet is the first to turn the money into advertising treasure, yes, a friend invited to borrow treasure has 20 yuan in cash. Today I’m talking about another APP. Its name is bought by you.

by you buy, good wonderful name, by you, buy, oh, must be a shopping APP, yes, it is a shopping APP. However, too many functions, in my understanding, this APP, it is a derivative of the upgrade, how to say, open shop, a generation of fat, not hoard goods, without capital, directly owned a small shop, choose their own good goods in their own areas of expertise, increase selling goods that is their own profits. That is not to sell goods, all goods purchased by you at least cheaper than Jingdong 5-20%. I want to buy, in your purchase is a great deal.

now let’s talk about how you can make contacts into money:

1, registered 2 yuan to invite friends case-dough.

(purchase case-dough mall)

2, registered friends is your intimate partner, the first single purchase has the highest reward of 100 yuan in cash envelopes.

3, close partners receive each of the 10 red envelopes, you can get a $2 red envelopes. (you purchased a large number of cash, 1 yuan -50 yuan, a finger fix)

4, intimate partner shopping, you can get 30% of the profits of the platform subsidy, general partner shopping, you can also get the platform subsidies 20% of the profits, it is a propaganda work, life, obviously lying earn.

5, to tell you a little secret, as long as you want to share a commodity link to your WeChat circle of friends, your little friends click on the lifelong lock is your partner. In addition to the subsidies mentioned just now, you also provide a comprehensive contribution to subsidize the purchase (this is the legendary global dividend). So, small partners to act quickly, do anything to occupy the initiative, and now the ability to register and start action, for tomorrow’s success lie to make efforts.

so, some people will ask, this is exactly what you buy in the end do not, I do not want to promote a lot of friends, when you buy the collapse of the dry, then I am not a big loss. By you buy (YNG): by the Shenzhen Limited by Share Ltd Investment Holdings, is currently China’s largest mobile phone supplier, not only to provide you with the purchase of financial support, providing a more mature commodity supply channels

small series of in-depth understanding of the sauce should drop, sinomaster investment à aisidi shares (002416) by.

à you purchase electricity supplier

and China is China aisidi through the top 500 private enterprises. You can Baidu under the true and false. So this strength will not have to worry about.

well, then how do we go to promote it? This question is a good question. Let me >