we are a company that has been established for a long time. Because many customers are looking up through the Internet, so in addition to a certain search engine optimization, we also paid to promote. More than half a year, tried Baidu, Google, Youdao and Renren advertising services. The following simple introduction we use each platform to do the promotion of the situation, in the hope that those who are ready to do promotion advertisers help.

we are the first to carry out the promotion of Baidu, after all, the majority of customers or through Baidu to find the door. Baidu promotion in these several ways to promote the most expensive, the first account must be stored 50000 yuan, but also have to pay a service fee of $600. Found in the Qingdao area agent, smoothly pay accounts for less than three days, the site will be able to advertise on Baidu. The first time the use of Baidu advertisers must be careful, in the set of keywords matching the best choice to complete matching or phrase matching, but also set a daily budget. There was a time when I set up a wide range of matching, resulting in customer search keywords in English search are showing my advertising, more than and 10 minutes to click on the $one hundred. Try to set some of the ideas, not only because Baidu bidding and bid, and the quality of the relevant keywords, the quality of it could save a penny. In addition to Baidu PPC, I also tried Baidu union. To tell the truth, this effect is not as competitive ranking, but also spend a lot of money. If you want to make the League promotion, promotion bid is generally bid 1/3, and you should choose and business related website. For example, I am doing translation, you can choose some papers or foreign language websites to launch. A bit unhappy is that Baidu’s customer service staff can change the customer set, in this case four months there have been two times, second times the Baidu customer service agents will choose all of my sites on the web site, once put on the day of the budget.

later I tried Google promotion, Google promotion and promotion of Baidu is very important to promote the difference is no service fee, which is how much consumption on the number of recharge, the minimum amount of 2000 yuan recharge amount of $. Although Google to promote the company to do less than Baidu, but Google’s bid is higher than Baidu, may be because of the high-end crowd for the Google bar. Most of the time even if you set the bid but Google still does not show up, which may be more emphasis on the user experience with Google bar, unlike Baidu to give you the money to show. In addition, Google has a better guard against malicious clicks, and the monthly will be able to detect the cost of malicious clicks, and returned to the customer in the next month, the cost of the return of the consumer accounts for about 10%-20%. In the background, Google’s promotion background is more difficult to understand, after all, Google is an American company, not as good as Baidu’s deep understanding of the Chinese language, but also the background of Google open speed, friendly interface is not as good as Baidu.

Youdao promotion is my choice of third platforms. The choice is not because he is a good search engine, but to see the way the desktop dictionary can be put on advertising, because we think a lot