[TechWeb] news on September 4th, in the just held the first meeting of the new staff, Ma announced the merger of Alibaba logistics division and rookie network.

it is understood that the Alibaba internal logistics warehousing areas "network" and "network" points. Rookie network known as "network", the main contents include network operations, including Canada, Jiancang, build cooperation team. Corresponding to the "network" is in support of big data, the formation of orders, logistics data and the data on the basis of the product.

for the merger, Ali did not disclose more details, but Ali TechWeb said, "the integration of Ali logistics division and rookie network, is an important step in Ali group to increase investment in logistics, promote the logistics strategy. We hope that through effective integration, with the help of data platform for the development of the entire logistics industry, jointly accelerate the construction of China’s intelligent backbone network."

in May this year, Ali announced the formation of a consortium together with many "rookie Network Technology Co., Ltd., and launched the" Chinese intelligent backbone project, the project total investment of 100 billion yuan, is the goal of intelligent logistics network retail sales of bone to establish a daily average of 30 billion 8-10 years in the stem network.

insiders pointed out that Skynet is to solve the problem of logistics data, while the network is to solve the bottleneck problems in the backbone of the storage, and network with Skynet, let the logistics and warehousing information management system with large data support.