Yang Yang

from the two division to the five Division, the six Division, 7 product lines, from the simple pursuit of sales to the three hard index is more rational, gross margin, stock rate and inventory turnover rate, from hundreds of suppliers to cut in half, the average gross profit from a loss of business to the company reached more than 40%…… Old give all passengers had a major surgery because injured in the sinews or bones to every guest must profit age in 2012.

For 12 years the veteran

the Internet e-commerce field, from July 2011 began to think about how to change the customer – "at that time a lot of things have been said is not clear, my colleagues do not know why so many people want to recruit, some products do not see clearly, rather baffling, let the future, I know it is time to must be changed." Chen said.

is also at this time, Chen began to wake up, to return to the commercial nature of enterprise.

so, where the customer was founded four years after the old architecture began to get "overhaul" of every guest, from the pipe section bar management to career system. His task is to return the product. The KPI assessment of the person in charge of the Department has also undergone a fundamental change.

The adjustment of

to 2012 June injured in the sinews or bones, to establish six Division seven division for the logo has finally come to an end, the fine stage now where the customer has just entered the second stage.

Chen did not think of is, this made in July 2011 he called the "return to the commercial nature" self transformation in today is consistent with the capital sector change — the first half of 2012, the investment community no longer believe in the "dream", investors are focusing on investment company really able to profit.

determined to change


prior to July 2011, the newspaper said, where the customer has been in the category expansion. Where the employee was full of expansion and complacency, we think what you can do, the warehouse was full. Where the internal compartmentalization management mode is all the pipe section, can not achieve a unified responsibility, things do not know who rewards, who think their credit, do not have mutually making excuses. At that time, the conflict and contradiction between the production department and the marketing department had been irreconcilable, and they often accused each other.

must be one of the reasons of change: in the old customer internal organizational structure adjustment, production, quality inspection, sales and marketing in line, the individual links of the individual lines appeared corruption.

The rapid development of

where this is at the beginning of the great leap forward of the hiring spree, but in August it has become a hard task in large-scale layoffs.

in fact in the old resolve to reform do not know when it should be the implementation of the division system, but also in the beginning of the implementation of the also encountered great obstacles. There are a lot of people who don’t agree with him, and he doesn’t know what to do