news September 2nd, the day before, PARKnSHOP officially WeChat card coupons in on-line supermarket membership card. Previously, PARKnSHOP 57 stores in Guangdong to promote the WeChat membership card, all card users, prepaid users accounted for 96.8% of total active membership rate is 78%, the amount of money broken million.


: 100 membership card WeChat entrance

it is understood that the customer in the supermarket to pay, only need to show this card to the cashier, you can complete the membership identification, use and balance inquiries, automatic integration, but also in line with WeChat paid membership card. The use of WeChat membership card, you can shorten the customer’s average time of 60 seconds.


supermarket, although open membership card 20 yuan fee, but the new user can get 30 yuan vouchers no threshold. In the WeChat membership card on the line, have a membership card customers contributed 40% of the payment number and 70% of sales, more traditional older consumers gradually been transformed into electronic membership number, enhance the overall mobile payment. In addition, PARKnSHOP also launched the "value available gift" and "consumer stamp exchange fun gift" and other activities.