last year with a new Alipay App, the supermarket shelves empty uncle aunt who is on hand to

2014 "double 12", Alipay in their reach 100 thousand restaurants, supermarkets, convenience stores and vending machines, to the day half off promotions. The end result is that many young people interested in the supermarket, just simply grab in mobile phone is Alipay’s old customers.

Alipay decided in this year’s "double 12" to continue this momentum. Through the joint venture with Alibaba O2O business "reputation" and Alipay’s international business, this year’s "double 12" line promotion will cover more than 30 domestic 10000 online merchants, as well as the global 12 countries and regions, to give consumers a discount totaling more than 1 billion yuan.

, which is 1 billion yuan, also no longer focused on December 12th day issued since December 1st, but in 12 days, the phased introduction of different promotion. It also looks a bit like the "double 11" of the past: it takes longer to get your interest in a 24 hour shopping day and unknowingly buy more.

last year ‘double 12’, in fact, we will be the ‘double’ Tmall ‘model copied over, made an attempt to do so. Later found offline promotions, or to consider a lot of problems, such as security factors, or network conditions, system pressure. And this year’s event, many users may have been preparing for the. So, we have a joint venture under the pressure of all lines tested, the day will pay attention to maintaining order." In the morning of December 3rd, the media communication conference, word of mouth CEO Chi Chi said.

joined the double 12 this year, the activities of the half off, but also includes the previous payment of mobile payment is not too reliable carrefour. Carrefour Chinese CMO Yu Ying said, in order to access Alipay, they update all the cash register system. In the last 4 months of cooperation, Alipay is indeed greatly enhance the store cashier efficiency, can make the average collection time of a skilled cashier, shortened from 1 minutes to 15-20 seconds.

however, considering this year even several farms have joined the line of "double 12" camp, the main front feel uncle aunt who will also change.