about Admin5 you should know that last year, the Admin5 recommended a "sharp: teach you to successfully change the google-adsense recipient", in fact, I am also the beneficiaries, but also others who curse.

Google I have two things: a review of an account, a once only received no money to continue to do next, the reason is that listening to a friend’s advice, if want to do Google must comply with the relevant provisions of Google, are not allowed to hold two accounts. Because before the change, also let it lay, but last year saw the above mentioned in the article, I suddenly have such an idea: now the GG account can be renamed, so, why don’t I put this account transfer to the people in need? Hold this idea, it in two days, I collected a few years Google account finally transferred to a friend in Jiangsu. Previously used this account to do the site: www.76my.com. After the transfer from the account, I think my heart that stone finally relieved.

but let’s make an unexpected thing happen.

Two days before

, the friend suddenly told me over the phone, the remittance is remitted to you. I was depressed when I heard the news. The name has not been modified, the background is also a new name, and has reached the payment cycle, more than two months. Does the remittance this link has the problem?

in order to not let this worry my friend, I went to the bank queue, took the money, and Alipay to him.

yesterday evening, for a stroll behind, found several members said, last year because the name upside down, write and let GG modify, now a few months, the remittance is replaced by the name upside down.

I see here, in vain — had to modify the name of Dawu in Google, Western Union does not help you update. Don’t know is Western Union there’s a problem, do not place or Google. No matter which side of the problem, it is very worrying.

finally, I suggest to buy a Google account to modify the name of friends, friends, being the first to express security or ordinary way, to avoid the "old hard".