venture capitalists in China, Jiang Xiaodong is perhaps the most in-depth understanding of the Groupon buy site model. He is the world’s largest Vc firm in the early NEA, in 2008 for the first time to the predecessor of the Groupon The Point invested $4 million 800 thousand, at the time of the initial model is to address the issue, "do something" deadline, but less than expected; NEA and The Point decided to adjust the business model, will be the site to the deadline in the purchase of a commodity or service, and the subsequent formation of Groupon. After the rejection of the Google acquisition, there is news that Groupon has begun to prepare for the first half of next year, the market value of the market is estimated to have exceeded $15 billion.

recently, "Global Entrepreneur" reporter Groupon derived model will be how to visit Jiang Xiaodong. Groupon was inspired by the line discount coupon mode. In the United States market you will see a lot of free magazines, there are a variety of discount coupons, the difference is that Groupon is a concept of promotion and marketing, not discount concept. There are two basic modes of Groupon, one is through the information platform, the original very fragmented market together; another is that although it is the core of the information platform, but with most of the artificial factors. These two points are very different from Google, Facebook and other Internet Co.

this is different from the typical Internet Co concept, from the founder of Groupon and angel investors before the venture to try. For example, they had a third party logistics company, is to help people and freight drivers need freight information matching. One of the most important management content is to know where the driver is now, where to go, how much space can be put on the car. There are a lot of ways to achieve, such as courier companies can give each courier to configure a wireless terminal. But it uses a very primitive but very effective method, set up a call center in India, called the driver asked the relevant circumstances.

it’s hard for most new economic entrepreneurs to understand this seemingly backward business model, but in some ways it is more efficient than those of advanced technology. If you just let the driver quote through the information platform, he usually quote a higher price. For employers, often do not try to bargain, because they can not predict when to get a reply. But the phone is negotiable. Inspired by this approach to Groupon, it is decided that it is completely different from pure online service Internet Co. Groupon has thousands of sales force, although the cost is very high, but these employees are not only the goal of the development of the business to join the platform, but also to understand the current situation of the development of businesses. At least for Groupon, by the manual to complete these two tasks, much more dependent on the effectiveness of the program.

although Groupon is not like Facebook>