September 16th, according to sources, Taobao mall will be launched next week for large B2C electricity supplier open platform, and will start a new brand sync Logo. In this regard, Taobao mall said it will officially announce the new strategy and management rules next week.


it is understood that before the Taobao mall responsible person happy child, with more than 20 domestic B2C companies in Beijing near Jianguomen, a club will discuss. The meeting in addition to the Taobao mall ready to China’s top 30 B2C collective solicitation to Taobao mall shop, but also includes future investment and equity transactions and other details. In this regard, there are some electricity supplier website official said, did receive an invitation from Taobao mall".

at the same time, Taobao mall brand new Logo has also spread on micro-blog. In this regard, insiders pointed out that the new Taobao mall open platform with positioning, the Tencent Inc launched a super business platform to form a positive competition; in addition, Taobao mall upgrade, enable the new brand logo, or will become the independent listing of the signal.

According to

reports, upgrade the management system of Taobao mall and the brewing mainly includes two aspects: first, the original 6000 yuan technical service fee increased to 30 thousand yuan and 60 thousand yuan two grades, by increasing the starting point, prompting businesses more seriously in the mall management behavior. Secondly, the implementation of the conditional annual return of technical services at the end of the year, according to the size of the business, quality of service indicators and other indicators of the situation of the technical service fee for businesses in part and even the full refund. (end)