, a philosopher once said that: cherish life, because life is your own. But now I want to say, cherish life, because life is not only belong to oneself also belong to love everyone. Web site, the site is also their own, since it is their own need to cherish, and the site is not only belong to their own also belong to support the site of each user.

Since the establishment of the

website, we should cherish the site, the site is a hard process, develop their own websites more let a person hard, as you need to update the station every hour and moment their website, improve their website, optimize their website, the website of things like our things Qinliqinwei. So the webmaster should from what aspects to treat their website?

: the first site started to be high, the website is the webmaster efforts, not because the domain name and server to website operation problem, select a domain name suffix is.Com, when the space server should also pay attention to, it is best not to use abroad, your server is not familiar with the selection of a domestic why on abroad, at least high stability. Only the site running smoothly, the webmaster can carry out the next step.

second: the website development should be implemented steadily, some webmaster impatient, but eat hot tofu, do it step by step, propaganda in place, the mid foot human pull, the construction of the late retain users, this is a process that the grass grow into a tree is a process, need a step step, don’t think today website, tomorrow will make money, it is not realistic.

third: the site when people look, the website also is a person, but wisdom is not low, which you pay for it can give you return, pay and get what is proportional to, every day poured some water, many perfusion some food, the website can flourish, to write the article, adhere to the promotion of Web site finally, you will get a two hundred percent return to your website.

fourth: the spirit of innovation, the innovation of social needs, the need for innovation, the same site, the website also needs innovation, innovation and innovation innovation program, keywords, links, promotion of optimization and innovation, this is innovation, the webmaster will need to have innovative spirit to treat their own website, innovation well, website development better.

cherish life, love yourself. This is an old saying, but in reality coming from where the jump, where some people jumped into the river and so on, in the Internet that many webmasters may also understand the value of their own website, want to be the site but is not, today to take this opportunity to once again call the webmaster friends website is: cherish the treasure the future.

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