once a year, the liquor electricity supplier "bleeding" big promotion again, this year, wineries have insured "action" upgrade, say from the past mouth, today really put into action. "First Financial Daily" the reporter was informed that this year, Moutai, Langjiu wine merchants resorted to the two "repo" strokes, commodity departments and dealers actively repurchase price, or even to repurchase reward.

is what caused the winery put into practical action to repurchase? Is low, reporters from several popular business platform to understand, this year flying Moutai sold 699 yuan, 10 years safflower Lang sold 169 yuan, has been far lower than the ex factory price of wine.

now this promotion battle has just begun, there are people to consumers of liquor weapon, "if there is consumer demand for wine consumers can first look at the major electricity supplier website price, but do not rush orders, because among electricity suppliers to compete for traffic will not regularly release the lower prices of products, especially in the" double 11 "day of the last three hours of the sprint stage, the closer to the last moment, be able to purchase the possibility of ultra low price products is bigger."

Moutai, Langjiu "real money" war

last year, the liquor electricity supplier sales war once angered wineries, when Lang Fen Mao five Swords "Baotuan" issued a siege unauthorized business, even to the Moutai liquor gangster Industrial and Commercial Bureau complaints, this year, this "slobber war" has been upgraded into action.

reporter from Moutai marketing department in a "double 11" electricity supplier promotional approach to see the document "call" to deal with 1919, bargains brewmaster network, the two companies "by low sales of wine as a gimmick to attract consumer attention, even to file" repo "action detail the guidance, for example, completed at least one transaction requires dealers, the logistics department, each unit, the purchase is no limit on the number of proposals; computer knowledge to Comrade" script "," external "and" plug-in "and other tools to help buy; finally, Cuanhuo according to the acquisition of 850 yuan, profit to buyers all.

at the same time, Moutai will also market the "action" as the main reference for the November department for examination, and asked to buy back after the success of all transactions to give bad ", and commented according to experience.

and Moutai are similar, Langjiu has taken a similar action. Langjiu safflower Lang division market supervision office issued "on doing the" double 11 "during the preparations for the acquisition of goods business default notice", direct reward for the acquirer, reward 30 yuan / bottle to 50 yuan / bottle, even "carefully" to remind operators to repurchase, register multiple accounts on standby the major electricity supplier platform, to prevent all kinds of Single Account Limited purchase policy.

for repurchase event, safflower Lang told reporters that the company’s dealers and employees are very active and enthusiastic to participate in, and the demand for low-priced products is unlimited. Saffron finger